Ammi large

Ammi bigAmmi large - Ammi majus L.
The Family Umbrella - Apiaceae Lindl.
Annual plant with small white flowers collected in inflorescence is a complex umbrella. Straight naked stalk reaches 100 to 140 cm in height, branches in the upper part. Leaves are not numerous. Leaf blade twice and trizhdyperistorassechennye. Numerous fruitripening in September, split into two separate polupoltina.
It is unpretentious in growing.
In 1948 from this plant received melatonin, which is successfully applied for the treatment of vitiligo. Another drug, ammifurin allowed for the treatment of vitiligo and circular baldness. Treatment is carried out only under medical supervision.
In natural conditions the plant is distributed in the European region of the Mediterranean and North Africa. In the USSR successfully introduced into culture.
In plants grown on our land Botanical garden of Academy of Sciences of Kirghiz SSR, triterpene saponins.
Ammi large - cultivated plant. Are made from fruit, ammifurin (see).