Amicaal (Amycazolum) - antifungal agent. When applied in the plicarum stop and other fungal skin (trichophytosis, microsporia and other). Assign externally in the form of 5% ointment or 2-5% of powder. Release form: ointment, powder in tightly closed containers, made of dark glass. Keep in normal conditions. Cm. also Antifungal agents.

Amicaal (Amycazolum; synonym Dimazolum) - a drug that has fungistatic and fungicidal action; dichlorohydrin 2-dimethylamino-6-(beta-diethyl-amino-ethoxy) benztiazol. Used in the treatment of plicarum and other fungal diseases of the skin in the form of 5% ointment, which is rubbed into the affected areas of skin at night and used as 2% of powder in the morning. Method of production -5% ointment, 2 and 5% of powder. Cm. also Antifungal agents.