Amyl nitrite (Amylium nitrosum, Amylii nitris; list B) - vasodilator agent. Used for cupping the stenocardia, and as an antidote for poisoning cyanide , and its salts. The drug breathe after drawing it on a piece of cotton or gauze. Higher doses for adults (for inhalation): single - 5 drops daily 30 drops. The release form: capsules of orange glass 0,5 ml
Cm. also Vasodilator.

Amyl nitrite (Amylium nitrosum; list B) - attistisanai ether, vasodilating agent. As nitroglycerine (see), is used for cupping the stenocardia is also used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning due to its ability to cause the formation of blood methemoglobin, temporarily connecting hydrocyanic acid. Contraindications to the appointment amilnitrita serves as glaucoma. Applied in the form of drops - 2-3 drops, breathing with a handkerchief or wool. Higher doses: single - 5 drops daily 30 drops.
When cyanide poisoning, take repeated up to a total dose of 0.5-1 ml
Form of issue - vials, 0.5 ml Remain in the dark and remote from the fire place. Cm. also Vasodilator.