Brief information on the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive organs of children of preschool age

Parents should be aware of the processes that occur with age in the genital area children. By the time of birth sexual organs of a child primarily formed, though not significant.
Genitals girls 3-7 years as Mature girls, are divided into internal and external. The internal include the vagina, uterus and its appendages (fallopian tubes and ovaries), to outer - large and small labia, clitoris and Maidenhead.
Ovaries of the female sex glands that produce female sex hormones - estrogen. However, up to 7 years ovaries are undergoing hormonal peace. By the time of birth in them lay about 500 000 follicle from which during the life of a woman, only 400 to 500 eggs. With 8-10 years of sex hormones ovaries begin to significantly affect the growth of sex organs and the development of secondary sexual characteristics.
The fallopian tubes, or ducts, depart from corners of the uterus one on each side and end in the area of the ovary funnel, the edges of which are outlined fringe. With their help, captured in adulthood able to fertilize eggs. In newborns fallopian tube tortuous, their narrow the lumen. Starting from 5 to 7 year old pipes straight, and the clearance of them is expanding.
The uterus is a muscular organ, where the development of the fetus. It is located in the pelvis between the bladder and the rectum, irregular emptying which can cause incorrect position of the uterus in relation to the vagina (i.e. bend of the uterus). The upper part of the uterus is called the bottom, average body, the lower neck. In the period of hormonal peace uterus is negligible, almost not growing, her neck against the body is longer than that of women. At the bottom of the cervical canal, completed the mucous secret there glands, juts out into the vagina. Muco content fills the cervix, thus preventing the penetration of bacteria from the vagina into the uterus. For this reason the girls preschool age inflammatory process in the vagina are not accompanied by the spread of infection (e.g., gonorrhea) in direction to the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries.
The vagina has the form of an elongated tube, flattened in the front to the rear. Before the beginning of puberty vagina is narrow, and the entrance is not closed, as in women, the labia; hymen thinned, and elastic tissue of the vaginal walls barely planned, At the age of 3-7 years epithelial cover vagina thin, easily vulnerable, not more than 3-5 lines.
Large labia is a skin folds, limiting sexual slit. In the folds of the labia majora and around the cracks are Bartolini cancer, they produce mucus moisturizes the vagina. Medially from the lips are small lips. The space between small lips is called the threshold of the vagina. The back ends of the small lips form the bridle, front - divided into inner and outer folds. Internal attached to the clitoris, exterior connect over him.
The clitoris distinguish root, body and head, which contain a large number of nerve endings. The clitoris and labia minora are the so-called erogenous zones.