Androstenediol - dipropionate

Androstenediol - dipropionate (Androstendioli dipropionas; list B) - androgenic and anabolic (adding processes of assimilation of protein in the body) tool. Applied functional uterine bleeding in pre - and climacteric periods, vascular and neurological disorders. As an anabolic agent appointed cachexia, osteoporosis, adinamii; children - in hypophyseal nanism, backlog growth, etc. Adults being 1-2 ml of 5% solution intramuscularly daily or every other day for 2 months; children dose reduced accordingly age. Released in ampoules to 1 ml 5% solution in oil.

Androstenediol - dipropionate (Androstendiolum dipropionicum, list B) - steroidal compound with a weak and moderate androgenic anabolic action. On chemical structure [5-androstenediol (3, 17)-dipropionate] and biological properties similar to marylandlottery (see Methane-drostanolone). A.-d used in functional uterine bleeding in menopausal and predklimaktericescom period associated with giperestrogennoy function of the ovaries, as well as with climacteric vascular and neurological disorders, when there are contraindications to the use of estrogen. Androstenediol - dipropionate can be used as anabolic steroid funds with declining food, cachexia, dystrophy, after operations, acute and chronic diseases. A.-D. also used in the treatment of children with pituitary nanism, underdevelopment of the sex glands and a lag in physical development endocrinolo origin.
A.-doctor injected intramuscularly in a dose of 0.05 - 0.1 g daily or every other day; treatment - up to 2 months. In connection with low androgenic activity A.-doctor less often causes masculinization in women than methyltestosterone and testosterone-propionate. Contraindications to the use of androstenediol - dipropionate - acute liver disease, prostate cancer, pregnancy. The release form: ampoules to 1 ml 5% solution in oil. Keep in dark place. Cm. also Anabolic steroid drugs.