Anacin (Anethinum) is a drug containing substances of the fruits of fennel scented. Is a spasmolytic agent. Apply for chronic coronary insufficiency, and chronic spastic colitis. For short-attack of angina is not used. Assign Anacin inside tablets 0.1 g 3-5 times a day. The course of treatment 3-4-8 weeks. The form of release: tablets 0.1 g Cm. also Antispasmodic.

Anacin (Anethinum) - purified preparation of fruits fragrant dill. Is a modest relaxation of smooth muscles. It is used in chronic coronary insufficiency and spasms of the muscles of the abdominal cavity. Appoint inwards to 1 tablet 3-5 times a day for 1-2 months. Contraindicated when pronounced circulatory inefficiency. A. comes in tablets 0.1 g Cm. also Antispasmodic.