Unmoderne erythematous

Unmoderne erythematous (anetodermia erythematosa (J. Jadassohn); GK. anetos - soft, loose, derma - skin, erythema - redness; synonym spotted skin atrophy] - a special form of skin atrophy, beginning with the appearance of a yellowish-red spots or persistent blisters diameter of 5-10 mm In place of lesions in the future, skin atrophy and remain mother-of-pearl-white or yellowish areas, round or oval, with wrinkled surface, reminiscent of crumpled tissue paper. Often formed protrusion, resembling an empty hernial SAC and sinking down to palpation. Affected more often the skin of the trunk. The etiology is unknown. Unmoderne erythematous can be combined with other forms of skin atrophy - Trofimuk acrodermatitis, stripe atrophy, poikiloderma. Histologically, first of chronic inflammatory infiltrate, and later the death of elastics.
Treatment: sometimes has the effect penicillinate, 5-6 million IU per course. Cm. also Atrophy of the skin.