Tonsillitis throat (acute amygdala, acute tonsillitis), acute infectious disease mainly affecting the tonsils. When nasopharyngeal angina local changes are expressed mainly in nasopharyngeal amygdala, guttural angina-in lymphoid tissues of the larynx. Angina bowl observed in children of preschool and school ageand in adults over the age of 35-40 years. In occurrence of angina play an important role microorganisms, often Streptococcus (especially hemolytic), Staphylococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae; sometimes in angina find Diplomatie Friedlander, catarrhal microstock. There are also indications of the presence of a sore throat viral etiology. In some cases, a sore throat caused by endogenous infection (often in chronic tonsillitis) - activation of micro-organisms present in the tonsils. More common exogenous infection. However, there are two possible ways of transmission of infection - respiratory and alimentary. Catarrhal anginaBig role in causing angina plays a decrease of reactivity of the organism, local and General cooling.

Catarrhal angina (Fig. 2) be accompanied by a mild pain in the throat, General malaise, low grade fever. Blood changes slightly expressed, sometimes it's not. When laringoscopiei (see) - moderate swelling and hyperemia of the tonsils and adjacent areas of the Palatine arches. Sometimes the tonsils covered with mucus. The regional lymph nodes may be enlarged and painful to palpation. Often it is necessary to differentiate sore throat with acute pharyngitis (see)

Follicular and lacunar tonsillitis (Fig. 3 and 4) are characterized by a more severe clinical picture. Sore throat, follicular tonsillitisGeneral malaise was stronger than in catarrhal angina. Often headache, sometimes chills. The temperature rises.
If laringoscopiei find hyperemia and swelling of the tonsils, and adjacent areas of the soft palate and the Palatine arches.
When lacunar tonsillitis in the mouths of the gaps are determined yellowish-white RAID, easily detachable spatula. The integrity of the mucous membrane under them are not violated. Further raids may merge with each other, covering the whole of the amygdala.
When tonsillitis visible small bubbles - festering follicles, seen through the mucous membranes. The regional lymph nodes lacunar tonsillitisenlarged and painful. Division of angina at lacunar and follicular conditional, because the same patient at the same time can be detected as gap and follicular tonsillitis.

Flegmona angina (Fig. 5), acute purulent paratonsillar - inflammation akromegaliei fiber. More often a complication of one of the above forms of angina and, in some cases develops as a result of chronic tonsillitis, at least to the eruption and diseases wisdom teeth, as a result of injury. Phlegmonously process may liquidate or take a nature limited abscess - peritonsillar (peritonsillar) abscess.
Flegmona anginaWhen phlegmonously angina (often one-way process) there was a sharp pain in the throat, often forcing the patient to refuse to eat. Pain iradionet in the ear and lower jaw. The temperature is raised up to 38-40 degrees. Mouth opening is difficult, painful, unpleasant smell from the mouth, abundant Department of saliva. It nasal, illegible. If laringoscopiei there is a sharp swelling, hyperemia appropriate half of the oropharynx.
Due to swelling appears to examine the amygdala is often not possible. The motion of the corresponding half of the soft palate sharply limited (if swallowed food-based fluids can flow through the nose).
When nasopharyngeal (nasal) sore throat were dry, sore throat, difficulty in nasal breathing, pain in the depth of the nose, radiating to the ear, abundant mucus from the nose, flowing in the oropharynx. During the inspection method rear rinoskopia (see) is determined swelling and hyperemia nasal tonsils. Sometimes it happen raids, accumulation of mucus. Regional lymph nodes are enlarged, painful. Often raises the body temperature. In some cases, nasopharyngeal angina occurs simultaneously with the defeat of other tonsils.
Sore throat tongue tonsil observed less frequently than the inflammation of the tonsils. Common symptoms are the same as with the other types of angina. In the propagation process can develop into an abscess in the tissues of the language - speaking peri - or paratonsillar.
Complications of angina: rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis, jade, pyelitis, sometimes cholecystitis, acute otitis media, laryngitis, parapharyngeal abscess, a cervical lymphadenitis, cellulitis neck, sepsis and others In part of the cases of angina occurs with allergic symptoms.
Treatment. Mode bed (in catarrhal angina - home). Inside appoint acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), analgin, sulfa drugs, in severe cases, injections of penicillin (sometimes tablets), biomitsin. When the sharp pain of regional lymph nodes appoint compresses or dry heat on the neck. With the protracted lymphadenitis - Solux, UHF. For rinsing (2-4 times a day) use warm solutions of gramicidin, furatsilina, drinking soda, sodium chloride, herbal teas of sage, chamomile. Food should be mild, unheated and it is not cold. It is useful to assign vitamins, drink plenty of water. In the initial stages phlegmonously angina conduct described above treatment. If the process progresses, shows the opening cellulitis or abscess. More radical method is tonsillectomy (in the "hot phase").
Angina Simanovsky - Plaut - VincentAngina Simanovsky - Plaut - Vincent (Fig. 6) - ulcer-filmy angina. Exciter - the symbiosis of spindle-shaped sticks and spirochetes of the oral cavity. The disease may occur simultaneously with the disease of the same etiology. More often observed in people weakened by those or other diseases. In typical cases, the General condition of the patient is almost not affected. The body temperature is subfebrile or normal. Sore throat blurred. If laringoscopiei noted mild redness usually one tonsils, sometimes one any part thereof. Plot hyperemia surrounds surface yellowish film, after removal of the visible ulcer. Regional lymph nodes are enlarged, painful on palpation. In rare cases, ulcerative-filmy angina occurs hard, with acute violations of the General condition and extensive necrotic processes in the oropharynx. Treatment with injections of penicillin, intravenous infusion of orally as tablets, intramuscular nicotinic acid, lubrication ulcerative surfaces solution orally as tablets in glycerol or dusting powder orally as tablets. Disinfecting rinse. Mode home.
Agranoulozitarnaya angina is not independent nosological unit. This term refers to changes in the shed at the diseases of the blood (see Agranulocytosis).
Herpes angina occurs with severe General phenomena (temperature up to 39-40°, headache, pain in the throat, worse when swallowing. On a slightly swollen tonsils (sometimes phenomena edema are missing) are defined milky white shiny bubbles the size of a lentil. These bubbles may merge with one another, quickly izyaslau. Similar education find on the Palatine arches, and the lining of the cheeks. The disease is favorable, the bubbles are spontaneously involution. The viral etiology. Recently allocate adenovirus sore throat.