Angioma senile

Angioma senile (angioma senile; synonym haemangioma punctiforme) - skin lesion, characterized by the appearance of multiple small (1-5 mm) hemispherical ruby-red knots. They are located mainly on the skin of the trunk, rarely limbs and face (on the edge of the red portion of the lower lip). The surface of knots smooth or slightly grainy; when the pressure they do not disappear with the passage of time will not change. Appear rash after 40 years of age, but can occur in people of middle and even at a young age. Sometimes there is a rapid emergence of many knots (angioma eruptivum). Pathogenesis senile angioma little studied. According to Darya (J. Darier), is a late nevi. The assumption about the connection between the emergence of many angiomas with the presence of internal cancers or liver failure was not confirmed. Histologically - in the dermis of varicose and increasing the amount of blood capillaries. The processes of the epidermis flattened. Treatment is not usually required. Separate knots can be removed by freezing liquid carbon dioxide or electrocoagulation (see), however, possible relapse.