Angiomatosis retina

Angiomatosis retina (angiomatosis retinae; synonym disease Hippel - Lindau) - is a rare defeat netted shell eyes, caused by abnormal development of blood vessels. The etiology is unknown. Histopathology is the sharp expansion vessels, many newly formed vessels, glioznogo degeneration of the retina. The primary process are considered vascular changes (angiomatosis), razreshenia same glioznogo fabric and other changes - secondary. Lindau has established a link between A. S. O. and angioplasty in the Central nervous system, and sometimes in other organs, which allows to treat the process in the retina as a manifestation of congenital malformation peripheral vascular - system angiomatosis.
Angiomatosis retina occurs more often in one eye. Ophthalmoscopically - sharp expansion and tortuosity of the vessels; in view of the available communications and changes in the walls of arteries and veins, they are indistinguishable from each other. On the periphery of the fundus rounded education red or yellowish color, resembling the tumor. It includes out of it extended and twisted vessels (Fig.). Sometimes such entities are not too many. In most tissues of the retina grayish white areas, formed as a result of the degeneration of the nervous system, subretinal of razreshenii and impaired blood and lymph circulation. The process often entails the development of retinal detachment, iridocyclitis, cataract and secondary glaucoma, which leads the eye to the death. Diathermocoagulation sclera and photocoagulation glomeruli of angiomatosis have little effect.