Angetroffen (Angiotrophinum) - spasmolytic agent; aqueous extract from exempt from insulin pancreatic tissue of cattle. Dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. Apply with spastic forms of the disease, the disease Reynaud, strokes, migraines, in the early stages of hypertensive disease. Introduced subcutaneously and intramuscularly 1 ml daily for 5 to 10 days. The release form: ampoules to 1 ml Cm. also Antispasmodic.

Angetroffen (Angiotrophinum) - aqueous extract from the tissues of the pancreas containing insulin. Provides sossoudorasshiratee effect. Indications for use: endarteritis, Raynaud's disease, stenocardia, early stages of hypertensive disease. Intramuscularly and subcutaneously to 1 ml daily for 5-10 days. A. release in ampoules to 1 ml store in a cool pace.