Anisometropia is the difference in refraction of both eyes. When a small anisometropia often binocular vision is retained in it violated often develop strabismus. Anisometropia also corrected with glasses, the difference glasses in 1,5-2,0 diopter easily tolerated: the big difference is transferred worse.

Anisometropia (anisometropia; from the Greek. anisos - unequal, metron - measure and ops - eyes) different refraction on the right and left eye.
Anisometropia small extent occurs often and not cause discomfort. If the difference refraction both eyes 3-4D and above can be difficult to work, discomfort, disturbed binocular vision (see). The reason anisometropia is often different length of the anterior-posterior axis of the eye - axial anisometropia. When anisometropia required corrective glasses. However, when a large anisometropia points, fully correcting the defect refraction, cannot be assigned as the difference in optical power Windows, exceeding 2D, poorly tolerated due to the different sizes of the retinal image (see Aniseikonia). In such cases, you can assign a contact lens (see Points).