Aniseikonia (from the Greek. anisos - unequal and eikon - image) - anomaly structure of the eye, which occurs difference in the size of images on the retina of the right and left eyes. In connection with aniseikonia becomes impossible merge images, perceived the left and right eye.
Aniseikonia may be due anisometropia (see), but sometimes occurs when somatropin in the result of structural abnormalities svetovosprinimayuschee epithelium retina - differences in the size or location of the rods and cones of the retina of the right and left eyes. Complaints if aniseikonia limited to headaches, drowsiness, blurred vision, fatigue when reading. To identify aniseikonia use the special device - ophthalmoinnovation. The degree of aniseikonia expressed as a percentage. Assume that visual impairment causes aniseikonia in excess of 2.5%. To correct aniseikonia apply zakonchennie glass, which, unlike the usual spectacle, do not change the refractive power of the optical system of the eye, but only increase the sizes of received on the retina images. Zakonchennie glass are different forces. Depending on the desired zoom select them individually.