The anode is positive electrode in various electrical and electronic vacuum devices. Like other electrical devices, x-ray tubes and kenotron is called the anode electrode, opposite the cathode (see). Anode x-ray tube is the place of generation of x-ray radiation.
In physical therapy, particularly when the electrotherapy, anode denote the positive pole of the constant-current source.
Anode voltage - secondary voltage that occurs at the anode the potential difference between the electrodes x-ray tube; is controlled by varying the voltage of the high voltage transformer, and is measured in kilovolts (kV). Anode voltage determines penetration ability (rigidity) x-ray radiation.
Anode current - current flowing through the x-ray tube at the generation of x-ray radiation; is controlled by varying the voltage transformer heat and is measured in milliamperes (mA). Anode current determines the intensity of x-ray radiation. When radiography and radiotherapy value control anode current should be carried out smoothly, and in the manufacture of x-ray images can be abrupt.