Anomalies of the scrotum

The doubling of the testis. Very rarely there is a doubling of the testicle on the one hand in the presence of the testicle on the opposite side.
Anarchism. Very rare anomaly is the absence of one testicle (monarchism) or both testicles (anarchism)and intraperitoneal fusion of both testicles (sinorice). Slightly more common hypoplasia of one or both testicles, sometimes not exceeding the size of a pea. In the latter case, there may be signs of evnuhoidizm underdevelopment of the penis and prostate cancer, obesity, poor vegetation on the face and pubic hair, thin voice, absence or decrease of libido and erection (not always).
To ensure appoint gonadotropic hormone front of the pituitary-prolan And stimulating the development of the genital organs. As a substitution therapy for a long time and systematically applied synthetic androgens include testosterone, methyltestosterone or testosterone-propionate. Pills methyltestosterone 0,005 g put under the tongue, where they are within 15-20 minutes absorbed by the mucous membrane of the mouth (the acid environment of the stomach reduces the effect of the drug). Better subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of 20 to 30 mg daily. The most appropriate periodic implants under the skin pill testosterone-propionate containing 200-300 mg drug, slowly absorbable within 3 months.

Ectopia of the testis. From cryptorchidism should distinguish a rare anomaly in which the egg is located outside of its normal way - on the perineum, the thigh, or falls on the opposite pahovom channel in the other half of the scrotum and recorded near normally located testicle.
Treatment involves moving the egg in the corresponding half of the scrotum surgery.

The turn of the testis. Often abnormal position of the testis due to congenital wrong turn it around longitudinal or, less often, the vertical axis 180 degrees. As a result, the epididymis is not behind, and in front of the testicles (inversio testis), which creates the threat of damage and circulatory disorders.
Treatment is wearing jockstrap.