Anomalies location and attach the placenta in the uterus

You should distinguish between the two terms, location and placentation *.
With the concept of the location is related of topographic anatomic placement of the placenta in the uterus (in the bottom, in the body, the lower segment).
With the concept of "attaching" is related of the degree of correlation CVS trophoblast with decidual shell, and there are normal attachment, the increment (placenta adhaerens), germination (placenta accreta) and ingrowth (placenta increta) Vorsin be in decidual tissue.
It explains the difference clinical picture used in certain types of this kind of pathology.
First of all matters, is whether the placenta in the upper part of the uterus or in the lower segment of the latter. The essence of this difference becomes especially clear if we remember about the anatomical features of these departments of the uterus (Fig. 54, a, b, C).

Fig. 54.
a - non-pregnant womb: And B (black line) - the isthmus, above it - the body of the uterus, under it - the neck; b - uterus at the end of pregnancy: AB - shaped lower segment (isthmus); in the uterus in the period of exile. The isthmus (AB) and neck form one common output tube.

According to modern view, the uterus has three departments: the body, neck and neck, functionally different, both outside and during pregnancy. On the cut of the uterus in the premenstrual period eyes see the difference in the thickness of the mucous membrane of the body and neck. While mucous body juicy and severely hyperemic, mucous isthmus is more thin and pale. During pregnancy mucous membrane of the uterus is thicker decidual reaction it was stronger than in the lining of the isthmus.
This division corresponds to physiological characteristics of the body and neck of the uterus. Within the body of the uterus normally developing children's place (placenta corporalis), the body of the uterus is just that part which is reduced during childbirth. In the lower segment, emerging from isthmus, are egg shells.
But the neck is only enabled platform, and in education "egg cavity," she almost no participation does not accept. In the mucous membrane of the cervix decidual reaction is usually absent. The development of the ovum outside of the womb is a pathological character and is accompanied by a number of various violations.
The introduction of the egg in the uterine lining under normal conditions occurs at the height of the discharge pipe, and closer to the pipe, from which came the egg. Deep folds, between the front and rear wall of the uterus (margo fundalis) the introduction of eggs into the thickness of the wall. In normal physiological conditions, the placenta is usually found on the front or back wall of the uterus, shifting slightly to the left or to the right from the middle line, and the bottom edge is separated from the inner throat at least 7 see

* The concept of "placenta" and "children's place" are synonymous; they are part of the placenta. Under the placenta understand everything that is born after the fruit,a children's place, shell part of the ovum, the umbilical cord.