Anomalies of the cerebellum

Anomalies of the cerebellum are manifested in the form of full agenesis (absence M), partial agenesis (not part Meters, more often hemisphere, rarely worm), hypoplasia (significant reduction of the cerebellum at the preservation of its shared configuration). Along with agentiei and gipoplasiei can be detected and diskinezii M as inclusions in the white matter of the islets of gray matter and irregularities in the structure of brains and records. Anomalies of development of M often combined with changes in other parts of the nervous system. Clinically anomalies of the cerebellum are identified by the balance disorders and impaired coordination of movements of the limbs, in some cases, on the background of diffuse lesions of the nervous system mental inferiority, up to a complete idiocy and disadvantages of physical development. Describes when anomalies of development of M were found in the section, when life did not show any significant clinical symptoms that should explain compensatory abilities preserved departments of the Central nervous system.
Vascular anomalies are observed as aneurysms, located in the posterior cranial fossa, as well as special types of tumors of the cerebellum - angioma. For the most part to the rupture of the aneurysm is clinically manifested, only sometimes detected clinic tumors of the posterior cranial fossa. At rupture of the aneurysm, accompanied subarachnoid hemorrhage, develop, cerebellar, approaches and vestibular stem symptoms. Operative intervention when saccular aneurysms of the posterior cranial fossa is either binding or clipping the leading and lateral vessels directly from aneurysm or ligation for leading vertebral arteries in the neck to reduce the flow of blood to the aneurysm. The latter operation is only possible when aneurysmal the expansion of the s-shaped extension of the trunk main or vertebral artery.
Angioma cerebellar - education cherry-coloured, soft, several spodumene when you slide your finger. This education is suitable many thick blood vessels, among which are the venous characteristic knotted extensions. Surgery is binding or compression metal staples-clips leading and lateral vessels; possible excised all the angioma.