Abnormal development of the testicles

Anomalies of the number - anarchism (aniridia) - congenital absence of the testis. Is rare. Accompanied by evnuhoidizm or hermaphroditism. Can be proved only not found eggs in the abdominal cavity during laparotomy. Monarchism - the presence of one testicle in the scrotum (see Cryptorchidism). Polyorchism - extension testicle - rare anomaly. The extension testicle may not have the epididymis and VAS duct, sometimes has a total appendage with normal testis.
Anomalies provisions. Ectopia egg - lowering its not in the scrotum, and in the crotch, under the skin of the abdominal wall, or upper thighs. Aktobemunai egg easily injured. Recommended online move the testicle into the scrotum. Turning the egg is located in the scrotum in a horizontal position, when the appendage is on top, or deployed on the vertical axis appendage to the front. Pain does not cause.
When lowering the possible delay of one or both testicles in the inguinal canal, or into the abdominal cavity - cryptorchidism. Unilateral cryptorchidism is also called monarchism.