Alcoholics anonymous

In some respects our alcohol clubs may be helpful large and interesting experience, which include members of one of the world's largest self-help organizations - alcoholics Anonymous (abbreviated A. A.). Organization A. A. has a solid history. A. A. formed in 1935 and today, according to statistics of the organization, A. A. includes over 1 million people living in 114 countries of the world. Members A. A. form groups, which sizes depend on the size of specific localities. In the world there 62,8 thousand groups. Every group has its own schedule of meetings. This is usually open meetings, which may be attended by anyone. However, in most groups are removed from the meeting of persons in a drunken state or hinder the conduct of the meeting. Each group elects the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee on the elaboration of a program of meetings and support the Committee.
There are General Council and the headquarters of "alcoholics Anonymous", is published monthly. Funding is provided on a voluntary basis: usually during the meeting of the group A. A. "in a circle takes the hat". During the meetings of alcoholics anonymous is dominated by the exchange of sobriety experience. The activity of "alcoholics Anonymous" are guided by the 12 commandments. These 12 steps evolved purely empirically. However, according to activists A. A., these commandments constitute the core of the program on overcoming the passion to alcohol. Every next commandment is like, and the next stage of promotion to sobriety.
12 steps A. A. there is a certain religious undertones, but A. A. do not consider themselves religious organization and claim that under God mean other powerful force, which the alcoholic must trust in order to cope with the disease, which was stronger than him. Beginners in the program A. A. often attracts offer them at night". A. A. not at all agitated patients with alcoholism to give an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol during life, it is more important to be sober today, during the day.
In addition, there are 12 traditions A. A., which is recommended to observe the groups with the aim of ensuring the existence and growth of groups. In some areas, A. A. have their houses or recreation rooms.
On the model of "alcoholics Anonymous," operating and unions of their families, established the organization "Anonymous".
Although it is difficult to agree with a number of facilities A. A., we must admit that the organization is working quite effectively and has gained interesting experience.
However, the problem of rehabilitation of patients with alcoholism still waiting for its large-scale solutions. Efforts of one of the doctors is not enough. The experience of other countries, including the socialist shows that significantly improve the situation with the help of specially prepared and trained social workers who could take on conduction of rehabilitation measures, under the General guidance of doctors could work with former patients, leading a sober life. Insufficient use and capacity of the existing public organizations: commissions to combat drunkenness, voluntary societies of the struggle for sobriety and other

the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

1. We recognized that alcoholism has subjected us to himself that he, and not we disposed of our destinies.
2. We are convinced that we cannot recover unaided.
3. We decided to trust my life to the one whom we call God.
4. We have analyzed our moral baggage and gave himself impartial assessment.
5. After identifying the cause of their delusions and the root of evil, we have repented before God and the people.
6. We came in A. A. prepared for the fact that God has delivered us from our vices.
7. We humbly pray to God to deliver us from our shortcomings.
8. We remember all those we have wronged, and was filled with the desire to expiate our guilt before them.
9. Wherever it was possible, expiate their guilt before these people, except in those cases where it could injure them or others.
10. Continued to analyse themselves and their actions and, if it was wrong, recognized himself wrong.
11. Prayer and contemplation sought to expand its deeply personal and subjective understanding of God, asking him the same question: to reveal his will to us and give us the power to fulfill it.
12. After the fulfillment of all the commandments spiritual awakening, we have tried to specify a path other alcoholics and help them to awaken yourself.