Anserin (metalkanin, formula With10N16N4On3) - P-alanismorissette, natural dipeptide. It is soluble in water and methyl alcohol, it is difficult to ethanol. Crystallizes in colorless needles. Can be selected from the extract of the muscles fractionated deposition of nitrogen extractives muscle or obtained synthetically. It is assumed that anserin formed in muscles in the process of methylation of carnosine. A. found in skeletal muscle of most vertebrates. In other organs and tissues is not found or is found in trace quantities. In invertebrates and plants no. Anserin associated with the physiological function of muscles: the appearance of it in the muscle tissue coincides with the formation of their contractile function of the body, carrying a large payload, contain more anserina. Depression muscle activity in pathology (denervation, tendotomy, E-beriberi) leads to decrease of their content. Anserin affects carbohydrate-phosphate and oxidative metabolism of muscle tissue, keeping and maintaining its ability to create energy-rich phosphate compounds, and also protects the cell structure of the muscles from changes associated with aging tissues.