Female consultation

Women's consultation provides qualified medical-preventive help women during pregnancy, after birth, as well as in various diseases of female genital organs. Women's consultation can be independent or part of the maternity houses, hospitals, polyclinics, medical-sanitary unit. The work of the women's consultation is built on the basis of the precinct (shop) service with obstetrician-gynecologists and midwives. One obstetrician-gynecologist serves a specific territorial area with a population of about 8 thousand people
Women's consultation provides home care for pregnant, parturient women and gynecological patients who, for health reasons cannot come to the consultation.
Women's consultation takes under medical surveillance of all pregnant: of particular importance is the observation made early pregnancy (up to 3 months). At the first antenatal visit pregnant subjected to a full examination: check the condition of internal organs, is vaginal examination, the examination of the cervix, the measurement of the pelvis. At subsequent periodic visits, prescribed by the doctor, systematically measured blood pressure, the analysis of urine and blood, set the group and RH affiliation blood. Under special control women's consultation takes pregnant women with cardiovascular disease, narrow pelvis and aggravated obstetric anamnesis. At occurrence of any complications or toxicosis of pregnancy a woman hospitalized in the Department of pathology of pregnancy, maternity homes.
Women's consultation, conducting psycho preparing pregnant women for childbirth, individually or as a group practice. Psycho prepare aims to teach a woman the right behaviour and methods of pain relief during childbirth. Classes are conducted with 34-35 weeks once a week, only 5 to 6 classes. Most often, classes are conducted by qualified midwife under the supervision of a physician. Women's consultation conducts sanitary-educational work among women about the dangers of abortion, teaches women to use contraception. When abortion of female consultation gives direction to the abortion.
The midwife antenatal clinic works in the reception of a doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, make necessary entries, perform all procedures prescribed by the doctor, causes women taken on clinical examination, the doctorperforms at home all medical procedures and manipulations by a doctor, conducts sanitary-educational work in antenatal clinics and when visiting women at home, educating about the harm of abortions. In the women's consulting rooms at the medical unit midwife gets acquainted with the working conditions of women in the workshops, contributing in necessary cases the correct employment of women. Women's consultation organizes and conducts mass preventive examinations of women.
Women's consultation, regardless of whether it is part of maternity homes, polyclinics or is an independent institution, should be placed in an isolated the premises. It consists of obstetric-gynecological, a manipulation room, the rooms for therapists and other specialists, office for psycho preparing pregnant women for childbirth, physiotherapy room and others In rural areas where there are no female consultations, its role is largely performs obstetric station under the supervision of a doctor of the district hospital, as well as collective maternity hospital (see).
In antenatal clinics organizes "the school of mothers" for pregnant and new mothers. The girls attending lectures on child care, upbringing, recommendations on rational nutrition of the child and nursing mothers, is illustrative teaching mothers. At the schools of mothers" women with early pregnancy acquaint with the hygienic regulations, the regime of work and rest, nutrition pregnant, with early signs of abnormalities during pregnancy, harmful factors affecting the fetus. In the "school of mothers" attract and husbands with whom they talk on sexual health, care for pregnant women, prenatal the protection of the fetus and child care.
The women's clinic works in close connection with maternity, children's consultation clinics for adults and children, cancer, TB and STI dispensaries, as well as the medical unit.
Women's consultation providing social and legal assistance to women, with this purpose in the state of consultations has a lawyer.