Antibiotics neomitsinovoy group

Increasingly incorporated into medical practice antibiotics neomitsinovoy group: kolimitsin and micurin - in the USSR, neomycin - abroad. In its antimicrobial spectrum they are close to streptomycin, but active against streptomitsetov strains of bacteria. Micurin and colimycin do not cause adverse reactions in the local application. They are used in surgical practice, when infected with the lesions abdominal and pleural cavity, chronic osteomyelitis, in the treatment of purulent wounds, with pustulous skin lesions. These antibiotics can be ingested as they are not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. However, with long-term oral administration at high doses, they can have toxic effects on the kidneys and the hearing. As neomitina cause local sterilizing effect, they are used to suppress growth of the intestinal microflora before operations on the intestines.
Kolimitsin and micurin has proven effective for the treatment of coloenterites. Among the acute intestinal diseases in children of early age has a significant place Coelenterata caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli. It was the most difficult Coelenterata occur in children premature, weakened, being on artificial feeding suffering from rickets and hypotrophy. Most strains of pathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from these patients children are resistant to sulphonamides and streptomycin, 30-40 percent resistant to chloramphenicol, a significant part is resistant to antibiotics of tetracycline group. And here the doctors came antibiotics kolimitsin and micurin which had proved very effective means of treating this disease.
After the appointment of colimycin children in 1-2 days decreases severe toxicosis, there is some improvement in the General condition. In 2-3 days, and sometimes in the first day stops vomiting, suspended drop in weight. These antibiotics have saved even those children who were admitted to the clinic in almost hopeless condition. Especially effective treatment kaimiciem and Mycerinos in the acute period of the disease, and the use of antibiotics from the first days of the disease.