The use of antibiotics in the national economy

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In veterinary medicine, as in medical practice, antibiotic therapy has opened a new era in the fight against infectious diseases. Antibiotics are successfully used for treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases of newborn calves, gastro-intestinal diseases of pigs, Roger pigs, mice horses, lung diseases calves, endometritis in cows, foot rot sheep, necrobacillosis lesions of the limbs of agricultural animals, mastitis of cows.
Penicillin used when erysipelas of pigs, mice horses, pulmonary diseases and necrobacillosis farm animals, foot rot sheep, sepsis, anthrax, malignant swelling, the plague dogs, mastitis in cows, endometritis, conjunctivitis and in surgical practice.
The syntomycin and chloramphenicol effective in acute gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases, protivoskol infection calves and piglets.
According to the latest data, antibiotic substances enable to save 2-3 times more animals than the application of other therapeutic agents, considered still the most effective.
According to Professor X. A. Sarkisova, from 2 992 heads of young growth of large horned livestock, pigs and sheep in a separate collective farms and state farms of Moscow, Zaporozhye, Tula regions and the Stavropol region in the application of antibiotics was saved 2 901 animal. Without antibiotics born 817 calves only in the first month fell from various diseases 193.
The use of antibiotics can further save tens of thousands of head of cattle, to significantly reduce the duration of treatment.
The use of antibiotics in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases calves and piglets gives the opportunity to save from 25 to 60 percent of young animals, to reduce the duration of treatment and to reduce costs.
There are also many reports about the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of diseases of birds, bees and fish.
Very new and promising in animal husbandry was the use of antibiotics as growth promoters and weight of the animals. The addition of small amounts of antibiotics, penicillin, chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline or extract "Kombucha"- to the food ration of calves and pigs, and chickens and turkeys accelerates their growth.
In experiments 3. C. Ermolovoy carried out together with employees Bratcevskoe poultry, 20 thousand of chickens got along with food penicillin, biomitsin or streptomycin with akmolina. The greatest weight gain chick gave penicillin. Mortality of birds treated with antibiotics, decreased 2-3 times.
Interesting experiments were conducted 3. C. Ermolovoy feeding chickens extract "Kombucha". Kombucha is a symbiosis acetic acid bacteria and yeast. During the growth of the fungus in culture fluid accumulates a number of volatile and non-volatile acids, vitamins b and C and thermostable antibiotic substance that acts on a number of microbes (I. I. Afanas'eva).
When you add the evaporated infusion "Kombucha" weight of chickens has increased by 15-20 percent.
Currently, livestock and poultry are widely used standardised feed "additives", containing antibiotics.
We have two new chlortetracycline drug: biuletyn and Biovit-40.
Biotin is a small brown powder.