Antigenicity tumors

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More recently it seemed that tumors arising in the depths of his own body, unable to bear any additional proteins that distinguish them from normal cells. It is a widespread belief was not limited to purely academic statement. From it flowed idea of uselessness of any immunological events. Indeed, what a reason to artificially create immunity to cancer, if the cells do not differ from the other cells of the body and will not be recognized as a target for destruction? In the best case immunotherapy is effective while the weakening of immunity after drug or radiation therapy. Echoes of such views can be heard until now.
This attitude, however, did not stand the test of time. Each new stage of development of science brought additional evidence that antigenic profile of tumor and normal cells are different, In some cases it was the existence of new, additional antigens that are generated during malignant transformation of cells *. In other change antigenic spectrum was due to the violation of the set, the correct order, "rotation" of molecules on the surface of tumor cells. The development of the science of biological membranes showed that the lymphocyte receptors can recognize not only new to them biostructure, but also the location of known molecules. For example, the lymphocytes are not indifferent to the combination of amino acids, similar to the letters in the words "growth", "rope", "class". The response will be directed against such a combination that is not inherent to the lymphocytes.
In the process of individual development of all somatic cells go through an intermediate stage. At these stages on the surface of cells expressed Stadio-specific or differentsirovaniya antigens. Because these temporary structures are irritants lymphocytes, occurs their clone, sensitised to product differentiation. Lymphocytes encourage somatic cells to change into a more Mature stage. And so up until between antigens tissue compatibility of I class of lymphocytes and other cells of the body are an exact match.
If you refer to the latest data, from the series of works of C. Rosenberg with employees, like other authors, it is clear that lymphokine-activated lymphocytes, regardless of whether they were stimulated IL-2 or even PHA, when administered to mice and in the culture of cells selectively destroying only malignant elements and didn't interact with normal cells. It was installed at various transplantable on mice cancer and sarcoma, and in experiments with cancer and melanoma person. It is clear that, do not bear the cells of malignant tumors identification marks that distinguish them from normal cells, no interaction immune lymphocytes with them would not.

* Malignancy - malignancy normal cells.