Antiholetsaticeski tools

Antiholetsaticeski tools - substances that reduce the content of cholesterol in serum. Antiholetsaticeski action has a large number of drugs: inotrope tools - methionine, lipokain, lecithin, vitamins - pyridoxine (vitamin B6), folic acid, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12); nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), ascorbic acid (vitamin C); drugs of unsaturated fatty acids - linetol: hormonal drugs - estradiol, methyltestosterone; some of the anti - heparin, geparinoida, fenilin, as well as catamaran and b-sitosterol.
Antiholetsaticeski funds are used in the treatment of patients with atherosclerosis and other diseases associated with the rise of cholesterol in the blood. Use them long-term, repeated courses. Generally, the more significant the effect antiholetsaticeski funds is observed at higher hypercholesterolemia. However, most often it is poorly defined. Separate antiholetsaticeski funds - see articles on the names of products (for example, Methionine, Linetol, and others)

Antiholetsaticeski tools - substances that reduce the cholesterol content in blood serum. Used with curative purpose, mainly in patients with atherosclerosis. Hypocholesterolemic effect antiholetsaticeski funds is usually temporary, so in such diseases as atherosclerosis, their use long, repetitive courses. Action antiholetsaticeski funds expressed greater at higher hypercholesterolemia. Antiholetsaticeski tools can be divided into several groups.
I. Lipotropic substances, choline, methionine, lecithins, lipokain etc. One of the most active lipotropic funds is choline; methionine participates its moving metal groups in endogenous synthesis of choline; choline is part of lecithin. In addition Unsharp expressed hypocholesterolemic the steps listed lipotropic substances increase in the serum content of phospholipids. The ability lipotropic means to prevent fatty infiltration of the liver and beneficial impact on the lipid metabolism gave grounds to apply them with curative purpose and atherosclerosis. As antiholetsaticeski means all listed lipotropic substances are inside: choline (in the form of 20% solution) 3-6 g / day, methionine 2-6 g, zerebrolizin of 0.3 - 0.6 g, lipokain 0,6,
II. A number of vitamins b - folic acid, vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, vitamin B12 or cobalamin, nikotinova acid lipoic or thioctic acid. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are relevant to the processes Parametrierung, to endogenous synthesis of choline and methionine; they reduce the body's need for choline. Pyridoxine is related to lipid metabolism, especially unsaturated fatty acids. Pyridoxine and indispensable unsaturated fatty acids increase lipotropic action of choline. Under the influence of pyridoxine linoleic acid enters arachidonic. Hypocholesterolemic effect of b vitamins expressed in different ways. Significant effect have large doses of nicotinic acid (up to 3.0 g / day), pyridoxine (50-100 mg), folic acid (30-60 mg), in a lesser degree - vitamin B12 (100 in one day). Other vitamins hypocholesterolemic effect has vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. Data on the effect of vitamins a and E on the cholesterol level of blood serum contradictory.
III. Irreplaceable unsaturated fatty acids [linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic acid (vitamin F)] and vegetable oils containing them in large quantities. The cholesterol esters from fatty acids, apparently, are hydrolysis lighter than air of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, which tends deposits in the walls of blood vessels. The mechanism hypocholesterolemic actions of unsaturated fatty acids, of course, much more complicated and is not limited to this. The Soviet drug linetol that contains ethyl esters of fatty acids in Flaxseed oil (mainly linoleic and linolenic), has expressed hypocholesterolemic effect, similar to the effect of large doses of nicotinic acid.
IV. Heparin, some geparinoida, not lowering blood coagulability (for example, asteroid), anticoagulants (eg, fenilin). Prolonged use of heparin for regulation of lipid metabolism difficult in view of its antikoagulyaie properties. For long-term use convenient asteroid - Italian drug geparinoida made from the mucosa of the duodenum. He has expressed hypocholesterolemic effect, close to the action of linetolom and large doses of nicotinic acid [is applied inside of 60 mg / day (I. M. Korochkin)].
V. Substances that reduce cholesterol synthesis, breaking it at various stages. These include the Soviet preparation of DataLife (applies to 1.5 grams per day). Hypocholesterolemic effects associated with violations of cholesterol synthesis, has apparently also vanadium.
VI. Means, violating the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines. These include beta-sitosterol (applies to 8-9 g / day).
VII. Hormonal drugs. Installed hypocholesterolemic effect of thyroid hormone. However, widespread use of its drugs prevent their adverse effect on progression of coronary insufficiency. More promising in this regard the latest drugs, such as D-thyroxine with cholesterol-lowering effect, but not the increase of the main exchange. Hypocholesterolemic effect estrogens and methyltestosterone applied differentially when indicated. To hormonal antiholetsaticeski tools include English drug atromid (solution of Androsterone in atelierfrankfurt).
VIII. Neurotropic means sedative - barbanel, chloral hydrate, phenobarbital. There is evidence hypocholesterolemic activity of certain enzymes and inhibitors, such as hepatocytes and monoamine oxidase inhibitors - nialamida, niamiga, iproniazida, prezida etc. In rabbits, treated with cholesterol, named caused a sharp decrease in the level of serum cholesterol and reducing lipoidica aorta. Iprase (50 mg daily) significantly decreased hypercholesterolemia in patients with coronary atherosclerosis (C. I. Bobkova.)
Iodine preparations also have a cholesterol-lowering effect, although not pronounced. The mechanism of action of iodine is unclear. The view that iodine effect on lipid metabolism by increasing of the thyroid gland, contrary experiments brown (N. C. Brown) and page (I. N. Page), who hypocholesterolemic effect of potassium iodide in thyroidectomized rabbits receiving cholesterol. Separate antiholetsaticeski funds - see related articles.