Antinazis - enzyme contained in the blood of different animals; has the ability to suppress the activity of hyaluronidase (see) and thereby prevent the invasion of microbes. Antinazis - a permanent component of the plasma, the natural factor of protection of an organism, but is not identical with the antibodies, resulting from sensitization hyaluronidase. Antinazis detected in the plasma of mammals, birds and fish.
In infectious diseases number A. reduced. Some microbes, which form the hyaluronidase enzyme found that Deplete A., called brainwashing. Certain quantitative ratio of hyaluronidase and preinvasive in bacteria can cause different degree of their invasionist: large quantities pronasida, inactivating antinazis plasma promote the penetration of bacteria in tissue; small quantities is not able to prevent the destructive action A. on hyaluronidase microbes, and the invasion of their difficulty.