The antiseptic is a complex of measures aimed at the destruction of microbes in the wound, the wound conditions unfavourable for the development of microbes and their penetration into tissues.
The antiseptic is mechanical, physical, chemical and biological means. Mechanical antiseptic is the removal of wounded and dead I. crushed tissue, blood clots, foreign tel. One example of mechanical antiseptics is the primary debridement, which is performed by a doctor in the hospital (see below). Physical antiseptics: quartz irradiated RAS, introduction to the wound of the various drains, tampons and turund soaked hypertonic solutions of sodium chloride, providing the outflow of pus and wound fluid out in a bandage, which creates unfavorable conditions for development of an infection in the wound. This method antiseptics are also mainly used in medical care.
The largest value in the first aid have chemical and biological antiseptic, i.e. the use of different substances, causing the destruction trapped in the wound of microbes or slow down their reproduction (bactericides).

  • Chemical antiseptic substances
  • Biological antiseptic substances