Antrim (antritis; synonymous with tantric) - inflammation of the mucous membrane lining antrum, and osteomyelitis perianalny region. Antrim occurs in children in the first months of life as an independent disease, or as a complication of acute respiratory catarrh, influenza, pneumonia, toxic dyspepsia, gastrointestinal infections. Microflora when artrite varied: for the most part pneumococcus, less frequently, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Enterococcus. The clinical course there are two forms A. - evident, with pronounced symptoms of acute otitis media and latent in which the manifestations of otitis media are weak and dominated by the symptoms of the sickness - high fever, failure of the child from food, frequent stools, regurgitation, vomiting and weight loss. Latent course of entrita may be associated with the Constitution of the child or misuse of antibiotics.
Diagnosis A. establish on the basis otokomichi paintings (the dimness or redness and swelling of the ear drum, it perforation or pus after paracentesis) and detection subperiosteal abscess. Great value for the diagnosis of entrita has radiography of the temporal bone. Sometimes produce a trial puncture antrum outside.
In the treatment of entrita apply solutions of antibiotics, which are administered intramuscularly, as well as in the tympanic cavity by tympanophonia and anthropoly. While toxicosis of the necessary transfusion of blood or plasma, intravenous glucose, vitamin therapy. If you suspect a fluid in the middle ear is shown paracentesis. When events expressed osteomyelitis perianalny area - operation antrotomii. Cm. also Mastoiditis, Otitis.