Celery odorous

celery odorousCelery odorous - Apium graveolens L.
The Family Umbrella - Apiaceae Lindl.
Annual or biennial plant. The root of all, the cultural forms RemoveAny. Stem is up to 100 cm tall, grooved, branchy. Radical leaves with long petioles, with rounded tripartite shares of the first order; stem upper leaves are nearly sessile, share their wedge-shaped at the base. Umbrellas are small, with 6-12 naked rays. Wrap and involucel are absent. Petals are small, white. Fruits are 1.5-2 mm long, rounded.
Blossoms in July, bears fruit in September.
Long into the culture. Grown in kitchen gardens, unpretentious plant.
Spread in Central Asia, the European part of the USSR, in the Caucasus, and abroad - the Balkans, Asia Minor.
Roots are eaten. In seeds, roots, leaves and flowers contains valuable essential oil, main part of which is a lemon.
The roots and the leaves contain furocumarins. The juice of fresh plants used in the treatment of alcoholism.