Aplasia kidney

Aplasia kidney - congenital absence of one kidney. While the ureter or completely absent, or it can develop only caudal part of it on a different course. The only kidney, sometimes slightly increased, fully compensates functionally no opposite the kidneys.
Although this anomaly is not common (sectional data, on 1 500-2500 autopsies), prior nephrectomy operating obliged to verify the existence of the other kidney.
If along with aplasia kidney has a full aplasia of the ureter, when cystoscopy no corresponding mouth of the ureter and even half of the cystic triangle. In difficult cases, the question resolves prewmarin, pneumotropica or angiography kidney stating the absence of the shadow of one of his kidneys and blood vessels (Fig. 49).

aplasia of the left kidney
Fig. 49. Aplasia of the left kidney. Angiogram - no backbone renal vascular left.