Apomorphine (Apomorphinum; list a) - synthetic derivative of morphine. Available in the form of apomorfina hydrochloride. Used as an emetic agent (subcutaneously for 0.2-0.5 ml of 1% solution) in cases when it is impossible to make washing the stomach. Apomorphine also used to generate the conditioned-reflex negative reactions in the treatment of alcoholism. Higher doses: single inside - 0.01 g, under the skin - 0,005 g; daily intake - 0.03 g, under the skin of 0.01, the release Form: powder. The solution are ex tempore by 0.001 N. hydrochloric acid.

Apomorphine (Apomorphinum) - synthetic derivative of morphine. In medicine used hydrochloride A. (Apomorphinum hydrochloricum). Apomorphine has a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system, mainly on the emetic center. It is used as emetics (subcutaneously for 0.2-0.5 ml of 1% solution), and in the treatment of chronic alcoholism for production of the conditioned reflex (negative) reactions to alcohol. The highest single dose of 0.01 g (inside), 0.005 g (under the skin). The form of powder. Solutions are ex tempore by 0.001 G. hydrochloric acid.