Absheron group of resorts

Absheron group of resorts - Primorsko, climatic and balneological resorts of the Azerbaijan SSR, located on the Western shore of the Caspian sea on the Absheron Peninsula. The climate here is characterized by large variations of daily average temperature with interdiurnal variability of air pressure during the year. Prevailing Northern winds ("Baku Nord"). Spring is early, short, colder fall; light frosts are observed until mid-March. Summer is very warm (August 25 degrees), with relatively large frequency of occurrence of hot and dry weather, resulting in the mass tropical air, where the air temperature can reach up to 39 degrees, the number of hours of sunshine in summer reaches 1000 (with an annual sum of 2500 hours. precipitation in summer is negligible (10 mm), with an annual amount of 200-250 l"; high daytime temperatures are usually replaced by a night coolness. In the autumn, there was a slight increase in the frequency of overcast and rainy weather, what is the reason and the increase in precipitation (35 mm in November); however, almost six months Sunny weather. Winter is mild (the average January temperature is 3 degrees); frosty days are rare. Conditions of the Caspian sea allows to use the water and aerolitoral during 6-7 months on the beaches with fine Golden sand. The average sea temperature is 15.2°, maximum 26,6°, minimum 5 degrees.
Soil Peninsula predominantly sand, limestone; no forests, but many gardens. Successfully grow figs, grapes, mulberry tree, pistachio, olive, pomegranate, quince and other Grapes and figs are used with the medical purpose.
Climatic seaside resorts. Mardakyany - 36 km to the North-East from Baku (the message by rail. D. and highway); rich subtropical vegetation, the Botanical garden; cardiac, gastrointestinal, neurological, baby kostnotuberkuleznyj and pulmonary tuberculosis sanatorium, rest houses and camps. Shuvalan - continued Mardakyany; children's tourist attractions sanatorium and pioneer camps. Buzovna - 32 km from Baku; baby kostnotuberkuleznyj, pulmonary tuberculosis, tourist attractions, sanatorium, rest home, many children's recreation facilities and villas. Zagulba - near Buzovna, baby kostnotuberkuleznyj sanatorium. Bilgah - 4 km from Zagulba; children rheumatic and General medical sanatoriums, rest homes and health care facilities, numerous villas. Pirshagi - 25 km from Baku; large quantity of summer residences and Wellness of children's institutions. Turcany - in the southern part of the Peninsula; youth rest house, many health care, and dachas.
Balneological seaside resorts. Surakhany - 19 km from Baku; hydrogen sulfide (0,043 mg/l, chloride-sodium springs with mineralization from 10.1 to 24.1 g/l and temperature from 18 to 25 C; water is used for bathing. There are two serricornis with a hospital and a polyclinic serving patients and resort Mardakyany. Indications: diseases of bodies of blood circulation, movement and support, nervous system, gynecological and skin. Shikhovo - 10 km from Baku; thermal (64-65 degrees) hydrosulfide ones with water content of hydrogen sulfide 0,430 g/l, including free to 0.060 g/l, chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium with mineralization 15 g/l, contain iodine (0,016 g/l) and bromine (0.025 g/l); used for baths; servicemodelservice with a hospital and a polyclinic. Indications: diseases of bodies of the movement and support, nervous system, gynecological and skin.
In Baku is the Republican Scientific-research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy them. S. M. Kirov. In the Leninsky oilfield area, a Baku-based thermal (32 degrees) iodide-bromine chloride sodium source (with mineralization of 17.2 g/l) at a local clinic is functioning hospital. Cm. also Resorts.