First aid kit car

  • First aid in case of accident
  • Here you can get acquainted with the content of automobile first aid measures first aid for burns and wounds received during a fire, a car accident or in the manufacture of repair work in the garage.
    During operation of the vehicle, various activities for its maintenance can be of injury, burns or electric shock. Therefore, each driver should be able to provide first aid. The car is completed first aid kit specifically designed for vehicles. The composition of the first-aid kit consists of the following medicines and dressing.
    1. Pills validol (Validolum). The tablets have a calming effect on the Central nervous system.
    2. Tablets of potassium permanganate (Kalii permaganas). Used as an antiseptic externally in water solutions for washing wounds, rinsing the mouth and throat 30-40 drops on a glass of water, lubrication ulcer and burn surfaces.
    3. Ammonia solution (Solutio Ammonii caustici) or ammonia (Liquor Ammonii caustici). It is used to derive suffered from fainting.
    4. The solution of iodine alcoholic 5% - 10 ml Applied externally as an antiseptic in inflammatory and other diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.
    5. Harness hemostatic rubber is the most convenient of all available means, used for temporary stop bleeding from extremities. He is a rubber tube length 1,5 m, on one end of which there is a metal chain, and the other hook.
    6. Plaster bactericidal 6x10 see Used for the treatment of bruises, cuts, small wounds.
    7. Medical gauze bandages are used for dressing of wounds and strengthening of bandages, tires imposed for wounds, injuries of joints and bone fractures.
    8. Medical hygroscopic cotton wool surgical sterile is used at a bandage on top layers of gauze dressing as material, absorbing liquid oozing wound.
    9. Medical elastic bandage tubular № 1, 2, and 3 are used for fixing imposed swathe of bandages.
    The availability of medical supplies, members of the medical first aid is minimal, but very necessary set, which can provide first medical aid.
    The driver of a private car, you need to know in details the methods of application of medical supplies kits, as well as to be able to render first aid during accidents or accidents. One should also remember that every drug has its period of validity, therefore, it is necessary to watch that on expiry of these time they would be replaced by new.

  • Medical first aid
  • First aid for bleeding
  • First aid for contusions, dislocations burns and poisoning by combustion products