First aid kits

First aid kit - a small, conveniently packaged sets of medical equipment intended to provide self-help or mutual support at work and at home. Basically kit is equipped with dressing material (individual dressings packages, bandages and so on), a tourniquet to stop bleeding, alcoholic solution of iodine (in capsules), bactericidal paper, tools to aid for burns. First aid kits are available with indicating their purpose. For example, there are medkits workshop, farm, first aid, mother and child, pocket, home to the military units and units for the Navy, car , etc. In these kits, besides the listed items to help with injuries and damage, there are a number of additional, such as boric acid, vaseline boric (white), zinc ointment, alcohol, ammonia (in capsules), potassium permanganate, mustard plasters, plaster, magnesium sulfate (powder)tablets acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), askofen, celexa, sodium bicarbonate (and termopsisa with sodium bicarbonate), tincture of Valerian, thermometer medical; health of mother and child - powder children, vaseline oil, 1% solution of brilliant green, oilcloth back, necks children, nipple milk, etc. Usually kit is Packed in wooden, metal or cloth cases. First aid kits, designed for the needs of the Navy, usually Packed in metal cases with rubber gaskets. Often cases for aptechke equipped with special sockets for individual items (medicines)to during transportation, they have not been damaged. In kits put instructions on how to use its contents.
Cm. also First aid, First aid, Sanitary bag.