Pharmacy garden

The pharmaceutical house that was opened in 1581, during the reign of Tsar Ivan IV, considered to be the first state medical institution in Russia. Later transformed in order pharmaceutical, which was headed by the pharmaceutical boyar. He saw to it that every season has compiled a list of plants that need to harvest. St. John's wort, for example, were ordered to collect, dry and RUB the flour, "and one to send to Moscow on Pudu for every year". Voronezh and Saratov supplied "licorice the root, and spring and autumn". At the Yaroslavl land was gathering berries of a juniper. Kazan sent "pochechuynogo grass"and "koskinou grass", so called Valerian, was brought to Ryazan land.
Then were created pharmacy garden - gardens, where bred medicinal plants. In Moscow there were a few. At the behest of Peter the great "Aptekarsky ogorod" created in all major cities in military hospitals. In Astrakhan and Lubny laid large plantations of medicinal plants, and the peasants have introduced "berry conscription", which was included and the collection of medicinal herbs. Since then, many medicinal plants of Russia ceased to be imported from abroad.
Botanical garden of medicinal plants all-Union scientific research Institute of medicinal plants (VILR) - only one in our country research laboratory, having a whole set of natural healers. Here is cultivated more than 2 thousand species of plants of various climatic zones.
In some areas of the plant are clearly structured. On the Pharmacopoeia, for example, the Golden root is grown close to the famous ginseng, zamaniha, lemongrass, Siberian ginseng and other toning the body plants. In the greenhouse acclimatized exotic natives of the tropics and subtropics.
This diversity of plants-healers collected not only for the deeper investigation of biologically active substances, necessary for the production of new medicines. VILR conducts the big scientific-research work, with the aim to tame the" wild-growing and foreign medicinal plants, breeding and selection of valuable forms for cultivation in culture.
Many species of medicinal plants are put on the field. Developed the basic techniques of agrotechnics of cultivation of more than 60 species of medicinal plants.
In line with the natural conditions, in different areas of our country grow typical of these places plants in the Russian Federation - a camomile, motherwort heart, Valerian drug, a series of tripartite, maçka yellow, nails medicinal, dope ordinary, in nature they black; in Ukraine - peppermint, camomile, digitalis large, plantain, harrow field; in Moldova - marshmallow, thyme, sage, chamomile Dalmatian; in Transcaucasia aloe, kidney tea, eucalyptus medical, Kalanchoe Cirrus; in Kazakhstan and Central Asia - nightshade lobed, Cassia platanoides and procured raw materials wormwood tsitvarnoy, Anabasis leafless; in Byelorussia and Lithuania - rhubarb Tangut, Valerian drug, camomile, LPV. Using modern methods of selection - radiation mutagenesis, distant hybridization, scientists Villa brought new promising varieties of medicinal plants: poppy oil, chamomile chemist, peppermint, nightshade lobed, calendula, immortelle, Kalanchoe, which are several times fruitful wild plants, valuable substances in them much more.
Try to grow medicinal plants on school grounds, in the garden near the house, make them and, gathering seeds, plant, in nature, where they can grow. Except for rare plants can be grown and rare. Very well, if at each school will be created his "Aptekarsky ogorod".
Plants grown in this garden will be living exhibits. Behind them will be visible at any time: how does the plant in different weather, which loves the soil, as propagated.
Many plants of "green pharmacy" grow in our gardens: plantain, dandelion, wormwood, nettle. Even such rare and valuable medicinal plant, as cottonweed swamp. Her small, downy white felt a touch stems sometimes thrown together with different weeds, when weed beds. And cottonweed marsh - assistant of a doctor. It helps with cardiovascular diseases, stomach ulcer.
Look beyond the fence, and see yarrow, motherwort, knotweed.
But all these plants scattered in disarray, not sit on a place, in a tangle. Give them a little attention, have a designated place, feed - and immediately notice that they will change.
For the seeds of many plants for the pharmaceutical garden need to go into the forest, meadow, to the river. Remember, to sow their need on the soil to which they are accustomed. Next put those either in the woods or on a meadow not grow: peppermint, nails medicinal.
Many medicinal plants are easy to grow from seed: yarrow, oregano, camomile, sage, Valerian drug, a series of tripartite, motherwort heart. Some breed cuttings or division of rhizomes: St. John's wort, tansy, Rhodiola rosea, the peony, peppermint.
Of course, this is only a small part of what can be grown in "Aptekarsky ogorod". In different places of their plants, so you need to choose those that are more relevant.
To avoid confusion, where what plant planted, put a label: when planted and where the seeds collected.
On the site it is necessary to allocate space for seed nursery or garden to leave a certain number of testes medicinal plants, then there will always be your landing material.
Care of crops simple, in some cases it is loosening of soil and weeding. Some species need for fertilizer and feeding.