Arabinose (formula With5N10 OfAbout5) - monosaccharide from the group pentoses.
There are L-and D-stereoisomers arabinose. L-A. widespread in nature, and D A. occurs much less frequently. L-A. white rhombic crystals, temperature PL 159,5°, sweet taste, well-soluble in water, worse in alcohol, insoluble in ether; reducing has the ability, beats. rotation [a]D = + 105,5 degrees. In pyranoside modification is included in the composition of plant polysaccharides (Arabian), gums (gum Arabic, cherry glue), broccoli, disaccharides (Vicenza), glycosides (Hein, cyclamen) and saponins. Get L-A. cherry glue or from beet shavings. Residues of D-A. see the glycosides aloe (Barbolin and isobarbaloin), polysaccharides of tuberculin and of bacilli leprosy and tuberculosis. UD. rotation [a]D = = - 105 degrees. Get D-A. from calcium gluconate (with H2O2 and acetate iron) and from D-glucose.
Arabinose not fermented by yeast, but split by many microorganisms. In the body to digest bad excreted in the urine when receiving large quantities of A. with food or in some diseases (pentosuria).