Arcus senilis

Arcus senilisArcus senilis (senile arc) - dystrophic changes of the cornea with a view of the arc or semi grey width of 1-1.5 mm, sharply separated from limb narrow strip of transparent fabric (Fig). At the sight is not affected. Sometimes arc occurs at a young age (the so-called arcus juvenilis).

Arcus senilis (senile arc, synonym gerontoxon) - resistant circle clouding of the cornea. Develops due to degenerative changes of Bowman shell and stroma of the cornea, caused by disorders of fat metabolism in the body. It occurs mainly in people of old age, rarely young, sometimes it can be congenital. First turbidity has the shape of an arc and is located at the top and bottom edges of the cornea, and then covers the cornea in the form of a ring with a width of 1-1,5 mm, concentric with the edge of it, does not reach the limb 0.5 mm Vision in Arcus senilis usually does not suffer. Treatment is not required.