Argyros (argyrosis; from the Greek. argyros - silver; synonymous with argyria) - grey or blue-grey fabrics due to sediment particles metallic silver. There are Argyros professional (workers silver mines) and medical (with long-term use silver salts).
Argyros can be General (Argyros skin, mucous membranes, organs) and local (only skin, only the mucous membrane). In the internal organs of the silver particles are found in the connective fibers, mainly elastic, in the walls of blood vessels, in membrana propria glands. In the cells of silver is deposited rare. When professional A. silver can be found in gastric and duodenal contents in the urine and feces.
Local inflammatory changes and the General intoxication of A. not causes. A. should be differentiated from the deposition in the tissues of mercury and gold. Cm. also Pigmentation.