The Argyll - Robertson syndrome

The Argyll - Robertson syndrome (D. Argyll Robertson)- the absence or reduction of direct and friendly reaction of pupils on light is still on the convergence and accommodation. Meets in various types of neurosyphilis and always when the spinal " dryness " and progressive paralysis and rarely some other diseases. May be complete or partial syndrome of Argyll Robertson. In A. R. S. but the absence or weakening of the light reactions of the pupil, when security response to the convergence and accommodation are possible: miosis (sometimes, and mydriasis), a small anisocoria, deformation of the pupils, dvuhstoronnej pupillary violations, almost constant value of the pupils during the day, a weak effect on pupil size of atropine, pilocarpine and partly cocaine when vipavadee their eyes. Often there is only a part of these.
Some authors consider that A. R. C. due to the violation of the parasympathetic pupillary innervation, mainly kernel Yakubovich, and sometimes it fibers, held in the trunk of the oculomotor nerve.
About syphilis nature A. R. C. it is possible to speak only when history or appropriate survey confirms the specific disease.