Aronia (Aronia chokeberry)

Aronia, or chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa). So often it is called here. Leaf petiole her and Central vein painted in purple colour. And in the autumn, after the first morning frosts, bushes chokeberry become very elegant: the leaves are painted yellow, orange, red colors, shining black brush juicy fruits.
Although Indian tribes have long treated burns the Aronia juice and flour made from dried fruits were used for food, medicinal properties chokeberry were opened recently. Biochemical studies have found an exceptionally rich content in its fruits biologically active substances, trace elements, vitamins. Especially vitamin e in combination with vitamin C. These two substances, favorably influencing each other, reinforcing their important biological action. Why so high and appreciated those fruits and vegetables, where these vitamins naturally combined.
A few years ago at the International exhibition of horticulture in Erfurt Aronia was awarded a gold medal "for outstanding medical, food and decorative quality."
Aronia unpretentious, it can be planted in those areas where will not grow Apple trees and pear, in areas with shallow groundwater table. The plant likes well-watered soil and light place, cold-resistant, capable to bear fruit until the Northern border of agriculture.
Black ashberry easily reproduced root offsprings, parts of the Bush, cuttings, cuttings. From the seeds can grow seedlings.
These medicinal trees and bushes have to get into our garden.