Arrhenoblastoma (arrhenoblastoma; from the Greek. arren - male and blastos - Rostock, germ; synonym: masculinum, adrenalectomy, androme, astroblastoma, Arreola, endothelioma, tubular cancerous adenoma, testicular tubular adenoma, tubular hamartoma, adenoma network ovary) - rare germanlingua tumor of the ovary with distinct androgenic properties. Are more common in women 20-35 years.
Arrhenoblastoma occurs on the one hand, the form of round or oval, sizes vary widely, dominated by tumor diameter of 5 - 10 see section arrhenoblastoma gray, gray-yellow color; some tumors contain cysts. There are foci of necrosis, hemorrhage. A. is located in ovarian tissue or outside it - in the field gate, in the broad ligament of the uterus. Possible malignancy A.
Arrhenoblastoma, consisting of ferrous pipes and interstitial tissue of the ovaries.
Histologically, arrhenoblastoma heterogeneous. Meyer (B. Meyer) distinguishes between three forms A.: 1) testicular adenoma Peak is the most differentiated, consists of ferrous tubes covered with a membrane that reminds surtayeva cells, as well as from more or less the interstitial cells (Fig.); 2) A. intermediate type consists of epithelial solid cords or salesisoptin formations and of argyrophilic and collagen fibers like the fibroid; 3) A. not differentiated type, markovpedia - consists of spindle-shaped, process cells, epithelial tissue is missing or has the appearance of small cords.
Histogenesis of arrhenoblastoma unknown. Possible source of development - remains volfova flow, tanatkan ovaries, the network elements of the ovary, embryonic or underdeveloped elements male gonads in the ovary.
Clinically expressed by A. masculinities and defeinitely. In the diagnosis A. due to the heterogeneity of its structure are crucial clinical data. A. should be differentiated from adrenochrome (see) and the syndrome Itsenko - Kushinga (see Itsenko - Kushinga disease).
Treatment and surgery. After removal of arrhenoblastoma phenomenon defeminization pass quickly, phenomena masculinization disappear more slowly or may remain for life (enlargement of the clitoris, the restructuring of the larynx). In cases of malignancy surgical treatment must be accompanied by radiotherapy. Cm. also the Tumor.