Arose - erosion tissues, especially the walls of blood vessels and the painful process (purulent inflammation, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, cancer, peptic ulcer disease). Arose large blood vessel can cause a fatal bleeding.

Arose (from lat. arrosus - gnawing, eaten) - gradual destruction (erosion) tissues as the result of their involvement in the pathologic process. Of particular importance in pathology and the clinic have arrosee vascular walls, which are the source of a massive, often fatal bleeding. Arose vessels occurs under the influence of the proteolytic activity of pus when phlegmon of different origin: when septicopyemia; at gunshot wounds, especially if the wound close vessels remain a foreign body (the shell splinters and other dense objects)that support productive-purulent inflammation, under the action of secrets or enzymes, detachable mucous membranes, for example when ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers; when autolysis of tissue under the influence of tuberculosis, severe ulcerative of atherosclerosis, the growth of malignant tumors. Bleeding often occur at arrosee large arteries. Arose small arteries and veins quickly lead to thrombosis and the cessation of bleeding. In connection with antibiotic treatment, arose under the influence of purulent processes is observed in the form of exceptions.