Arteriosclerosis is a thickening and hardening of the arteries, causing loss of their elasticity. The cause of arteriosclerosis is the growth in the walls of arteries fibrous connective tissue, sometimes with calcification. Atherosclerosis develops due to the different disease processes, such as the Takayasu, atherosclerosis, age and functional restructuring of the arteries.

Arteriosclerosis (from the Greek. arteria - artery and skleros - rigid, rigid) is a collective term that unites different in its essence the process seal of the walls of arteries. To highlight atherosclerosis (see) in independent nosological unit of the term "atherosclerosis" was used in clinical practice is very broad and includes, in particular, the uniform system affection of arteries, which currently designated by the term "atherosclerosis". Nosological the meaning of the concept of arteriosclerosis now lost, and only sometimes used to refer to the sclerotic processes in the arteries certain peripheral vascular pools (arteriosclerosis of the extremities, brain and so on) without regard to the anatomical the essence and nature of the process. Since, however, the demands of clinical pathology put forward the need exact details of the nature of suffering, the use of the term "atherosclerosis" even in this narrow sense meets objections.