Fusion - post operation joint in a state of complete immobility, i.e. the artificial creation of ankylosis.
Indications: loose joints, tuberculous arthritis, heavy deforming arthrosis. Sick to 10 years of age fusion does not produce in order to avoid lagging behind the limb in growth. When fusion joint is fixed in the most favourable for the functions of the position.

Fusion (arthrodesis; from the Greek. arthron - joint and desis - linking - operation in creation of an artificial joint ankylosis.
Indications: loose joints contractures and other conditions causing violation function of the leg (the effects of infantile paralysis, bone tuberculosis, severe pain on grounds of arthrosis and so on). Contraindications: children (up to 10-12 years) and elderly (over 60 years) age, local defeat of the tendency to suppuration, tubercular fistula, a condition.
When fusion joint fix in a functionally advantageous position: hip and knee slightly bent (5-10 degrees) with some abstraction hips; ankle fix almost at right angles, or stop give eqwinus provision for compensation available shortening or for a walk in orthopedic shoes with heels. The shoulder joint create an abstraction of up to 65 degrees at the elbow - 90 angle, beam-carpal - extension to 25 degrees.
There are artrodeza intra-articular, cartilage and mixed. Proposed extension fusion. When intra-articular arthrodesis (Fig. 1) produce the destruction of the articular (but not sprout) cartilage. Extra-articular fusion - bond ends of bones using autograft bone (Fig. 2); sometimes used Homo - and stress. When mixed A. use and destruction of cartilage and implantation of grafts or metal clamps (if required particularly robust stabilization of the joints).
Extension fusion with a significant shortening of the limbs includes a z-shaped osteotomy both articulated bones. In the postoperative period produces a gradual dosage stretching bone fragments.
Intra-articular A. shown in false joints, arthritis and arthrosis in the stage of remission process, and so on; extra-articular - for tuberculosis lesions when opening joint threatens activation process; mixed - with large defects replacement, small contact area of the articular ends. For each of the major joints of the proposed several different ways A. (see articles on individual joints).

Fig. 1. Intra-articular fusion shoulder joint.
Fig. 2. Extra-articular fusion of hip joint.