Artrografia is a method of research of the joints, which in artificial contrasting them cavity with subsequent x-rays.
Most often conducted artrografia knee joint. The study is the patient on an empty stomach. The skin around the site of the proposed puncture joints are subjected to a thorough pre-treatment (washing, hair removal), and just before the puncture wipe alcohol. After local anesthesia 1% solution novokaina produce puncture joint cavity, removing from it the pathological content (and, if necessary, collected and sent for examination). Then injected contrast medium, adding to it penicillin.
There are three possible options artrografii: 1) injection in the joint cavity nitrous nitrogen or oxygen (so-called pneumotachography); 2) introduction to the joint heavy (vysokopatogennogo) contrast agent; 3) double contrast study joint, i.e. introduction in its cavity and gas, and heavy contrast agent. After the puncture, the patient is asked to make movements in the joint, and then produce x-rays if necessary, and tomography) in various necessary projections.
Complications artrografii: infection joint (violation of rules of reimbursement); introduction of contrast in the periarticular tissue, and therefore can be pain in the joints within a few hours. Prevention of complications - strict compliance with the rules upgrades (see) and antiseptics (see), and also the rules of the techniques and methods of introduction into the joint cavity of contrast agents.