The articulator

The articulatorArticulator - a machine that reproduces the movement of the lower jaw. Is intended for diagnostic purposes and design of dentitions in prostheses (mainly for the edentulous jaw). The use of articulator allows you to put an artificial teeth more correctly. There are a articulators joint (Fig. 1)built on the temporomandibular joint (articulators Gysi, Hait and others), and beschustvie (Fig. 2)not having articular surfaces.
Last replaced by cups filled with unconsolidated amalgam, which reproduce the movements of the lower jaw (on the surface amalgam trail from the movement of the rollers placed on the edentulous jaw of the patient, which allows to correctly reproduce these movements).
Occluder device (connected by a hinge of the frame), you can play only vertical movement of the lower jaw. Abstraction and convergence frames match the movements of opening and closing the mouth.

The articulator (from lat. arti cuius - joint, joint - machine, giving the opportunity to play the motion, peculiar to the lower jaw. Used for the manufacture of prostheses for the edentulous jaw. A. allows you to put artificial teeth more properly (so that in all phases of movement of the lower jaw prosthetics are not moved). In the USSR, widespread universal anatomical articulator, based on the average anatomical the values obtained in the result of the analysis of movements of the lower jaw. There are A. joint (Fig. 1)built on the temporomandibular joint, and beschustvie (Fig. 2)not having articular.
surfaces. A. consists of two frames, which are attached plaster models for the manufacture of prostheses. Cm. also dentures.