arthrogryposisArthrogryposis - multiple congenital contracture of joints of limbs (Fig.). Accompanied atrophy, underdevelopment and weakness of muscles. Movements in joints is limited or absent. The conservative treatment (it is necessary to start possible before!) - pass Redressal plaster casts (see Plaster technique), stretching, physical therapy; in case of failure - surgery.

Arthrogryposis (arthrogryposis; from the Greek. arthron - joint and gryposis - curvature) - multiple congenital contracture of joints of limbs. The term proposed by stern (W. Stern, 1923). When arthrogryposes upper extremities hands resemble the claws of a bird of prey, shoulders pressed to the body, elbows bent, and brush his fingers flexed and see. Deformities of lower limbs usually expressed and lateral flexion contractures in the hip joints, extensor - in the knee, clubfoot, fibrous ankylosis. Muscle - atrophy and degeneration with replacement of fatty tissue fibers. Movement, as a rule, are severely limited or absent.
Treatment of arthrogryposis: staging Redressal, corrective fixed bandages, stretching, exercise therapy is more effective than previously launched; sometimes shown corrective surgery on the soft tissues, bones and joints. Cm. also Contracture.