arthropathy knee joint

Fig. 1. Arthropathy of the knee joint in the late period of Shatki spinal cord.
arthropathy elbow
Fig. 2. Arthropathy elbow joint with those of syringomyelia.

Arthropathy is a disease of the joints as a result of trophic disorders of innervation and sensitivity. Occurs when the " dryness " of the spinal cord, those of syringomyelia, psoriasis.
When the " dryness" of the spinal cord arthropathy arise in the late period of the disease. Often affects the knee (Fig. 1) and hip joints; rarely ankle, shoulder and elbow; sometimes the joints of the spine. Joint painless enlarged in volume, deformed; joint area swollen. As a result of resultante of joints may be fractures, dislocations and subluxations. The development of arthropathies progressive. When those of syringomyelia are affected shoulder, elbow (Fig. 2), the joints of the spine. The clinical picture is not different from the clinical picture arthropathy in the spinal " dryness". Sometimes in the affected joint is developing purulent inflammatory process. Psoriatic arthropathy more common in men, usually accompanied by severe skin manifestations. Marvel at the ankle and wrist joints, less frequently, knee and elbow. Of joint damage can occur as light arthralgia or as severe, accompanied by pain deforming arthritis, leading to immobility of hip joint (the frets).
To differentiate the patient should arthritis infectious, toxic, metabolic and traumatic (see Arthritis).
Treatment of the underlying disease; - needed rest, fixation of the affected joints and the use of orthotic devices.

Arthropathy (arthropathia; from the Greek. arthron - joint, pathos - disease - disease of the joints, the violation of their trophism, caused by a primary lesion of the nervous system.
Most often arthropathy found in the spinal " dryness " (tabes dorsalis), when degeneration fibers posterior roots and rear pillars of the spinal cord. Pathogenetically tablichka arthropathy should be regarded either as a reflex damage sensitive fibers posterior roots, or is caused by damage to vasodilatory fibers flowing into them. Most often tablichka arthropathy arise in the knee joint, but may affect other joints of the lower and upper extremities, including small ones.
Develop arthropathy often sharply, in a few days and even hours. When this happens, transudation of fluid in the joint cavity and in the soft tissue surrounding it, and as the result volume of joint significantly increased (figure 1). This increase is also due to expansion of articular ends of bones that is accompanied by significant deformation of the joint. Intra-articular cartilages and the epiphyses of the bones gradually destroyed. In joint cavity often found fragments of bone and cartilage. There is thus an inflammatory reaction soft tissues surrounding the joints, skin redness and swelling. Passive and active movements in the initial stages tablicach arthropathy can be limited due to thickening of the articular surfaces of the bones and cartilage. With a significant destruction of their volume of passive movements increases, which may lead to dislocation.
Arthropathy often with those of syringomyelia on parts of the body with impaired sensitivity to pain, often in the small joints of the hands, because of the apparently predominant localization syringomyelia process in the cervical part of spinal cord. A. if different from those of syringomyelia tablicach predominant overgrowth of bone and cartilage tissue and the occasional effusions.
Described A. in congenital defects of the spinal cord (underdevelopment with splitting the lower part of the spine), accompanied by a significant deformation of the joints, mainly stop. There are A. and injuries of peripheral nerves, usually median nerve in the arm, and sciatic on the leg, rich sympathetic fibers. Arthropathy, as a rule, is accompanied by damage to the edge of the trunk sympathetic and autonomic nerve fibers of the inner organs, primarily the lungs and heart. When the lung damage they usually localized on the side damage, diseases of the heart - in the left hand. In both cases usually suffers shoulder. When these A. deformation of joints are not pronounced the same restrictions mobility and especially pain, on the contrary, sharply expressed.
Diseases of the brain, especially sensorimotor areas of the crust, can be accompanied arthropathy in which thicken the ends of the bones and joints, cartilage and ligaments.
To differentiate A. it from different forms of arthritis.
Treatment of different forms of arthropathy unequal. So, in the case of A. if the spinal " dryness " is needed fixing joints; A.-related damage to motor areas of the cerebral cortex and its conductors (spinal and peripheral A.), shows a systematic passive and active movements, water and electrotherapy. Along with this is, and causal treatment.