Arthroplasty is a plastic surgery re-create the correct forms and correspondence between articular surfaces to restore movement in the joint. Arthroplasty can be carried out using tissues (skin, fascia), taken from the patient, canned homotopy and synthetic materials (kapron, lavsan and others). Arthroplasty shows a complete lack of movement in the joint. Contraindicated operation with the inflammatory process. Children of younger age, the elderly are indications for arthroplasty is limited, as after the surgery, an active development of the patient's movements. Cm. also Plastic surgery.

Arthroplasty (from the Greek. arthron - joint and plastike - casting, plastic)- operation mobilization in the joint through recreation congruent joint surfaces. This arthroplasty differs from other methods of treatment of ankylosis which preceded its introduction (violent straightening and subsequent development of joint at a fibrous frets osteotomy near ankylosing joint with the formation of functionally advantageous pseudoarthrosis).
When arthroplasty bloody way sever spike, immobilizing the joint, restore the form of joint surfaces, and that they have not spalis again, enter between them insulating liner.
Apply two kinds of arthroplasty: autoplastics the laying of the fascia, skin, adipose tissue muscles (Fig., 1) and alloplastic the laying of acrylate, stainless metals and so on (see figure, 2). The success of plastic surgery and methods of tissue preservation allow more effectively apply and homoplasies transplantation of whole joints or their parts.
Indications for arthroplasty - ankylosis, deformation, sharp restriction of mobility of joints; contraindications - the possibility of an outbreak (for example, the dormant tuberculosis), poor preservation muscles, aged age; children age makes us reckon with the danger of damage to the growth bone plates.
The success of A. is determined not only full equipment operation; absolutely necessarily correct treatment in the postoperative period; first, a thorough immobilization, then gymnastics, paradisaea, after removal of the sutures - massage. It is necessary to stimulate the will of a patient to active movements. Light load on a limb should be started approximately in 1,5 months after arthroplasty of large joints. Unsustainable postoperative period threatens recurrence of ankylosis or the development of contractures; possible outbreak in the joint.

Hip arthroplasty: 1 - with biological strip; 2 - with a hood made of Vitallium.