Artrosis - operation create brakes, firming stirred up the joint and limiting abnormal mobility in it caused by diseases (poliomyelitis) or injury. Artrosis is most often in the ankle, knee, shoulder joints.

Artrosis (arthrorhisis, from the Greek. arthron - joint and rhizoo - strengthen, record - operation, creating bone brake to restrict the mobility of the joint. Artrosis shown by resultante knee, and ankle joints due to polio, much less frequently in post-traumatic paralysis, disease little etc.
Typical arthrorisis feet are A. under Tupe - back (Fig., 1) and A. by Putti - front (Fig., 2). Rear A. reliably prevents sagging of the foot even in the complete paralysis of all of her muscles, A. front produce slightly expressed heel foot; by A. knee resorted to eliminate RESERVATIE tibia. The necessary preliminary manual installation legs into position. After reliable operation mandatory immobilization in a cast for a period of 2-4 months. Cm. also Plastic surgery.

Artrosis ankle: 1 - rear; 2-front. Autograft taken from the front surface of the tibia (shown as the black bar).